We Help Build Better Dads

So your family respects, connects,

and supports each other... 

without regrets

The worst thing would be to look back and think of all the things that one could have tried and could have done and think-why didn’t I do that?

David Bowie //  Musician

Being a dad can be hard, complicated and messy...and you need to get it right!  

Parenting advice is confusing, feels like therapy and neglects a man’s point of view.

Most of the time it seems like we are just grinding through life, guessing how to put the pieces of our lives together without having a clear picture of what a successful family should be.  

So how can a dad leverage who they are and what they have, to help their family get what they need?

A Roadmap for Dads.

Our 90 day process helps you craft simple frameworks that create clarity and conviction, so that your family respects, connects, and supports each other without regrets.

Andy Stanley

Leadership Expert/Pastor

I know what you really want.  You really want the respect  of your adult kids.  You really want your adult children to want to be with you when they don’t have to…what you do now  will determine whether or not you will have that.

How It Works

The DaDD Craft Framework


Brain Conditioning and Awareness Hacks for Peak Parenting Performance


Tools and Guided Experiences That Build Confidence and Talents


Parent with a Purpose and a Plan

Across cultures and time, the archetype of the craftsman has represented man’s ability to create and has been the mark of mature manhood. He is homo faber — man the creator. Instead of passively consuming and letting things happen to him, the craftsman fashions the world to his liking and proactively shapes and influences it.  

-The Art of Manliness Brett and Kat McKay

Craig Markham MA CFLE-P

Family Science Educator and Parent Consultant

“In the simplest terms, Family Science is the scientific study of families and close interpersonal relationship.”

The ONE Skill Every Dad Must Master to Build Connection and Get Respect...The One Minute Stress Crushers!!

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